Photobucket ruffled my feathers!

mpavatQuick little note here in case you’re wondering what the heck happened to the images all across the blog and/or why you’re seeing some awful looking photobucket upgrade notice in place of them. So here’s the deal, this morning (6/30) I and many other now irate Photobucket users discovered that they have changed the terms of their service overnight and with nary a hint of warning to their existing userbase that “3rd party hosting” was no longer allowed unless you ponied up for an upgrade plan. Well, the upgrade plan they’re offering costs 400 bucks a year. Yeah, no thanks.

So things across will be broken for a little bit, image wise anyway. And while I’m looking into options for future third party image hosting that I can trust, I’ve internalized all the images into my existing WordPress account and will be trying to steadily fix them throughout all my posts from the very inception of this site. This is perhaps the only moment in this blog’s history when my slow update habits might help me out, so I’m sorta relishing that. It’ll also give me a chance to fix some expired YouTube video embeds that have been deleted too. Silver linings I guess —- at first I was angry, then confused, and now just ready to get stuff done. Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding.

PS…  new Iced Earth and Vintersorg reviews on the way!


  1. Red Label
    June 30, 2017

    Photobucket is trash and has been unusable for the past two years. I started using Imgur about a year ago and haven’t looked back. But me and countless others across the WWW logged into our pukebucket accounts this morning one last time and deleted them. I didn’t even care to bother trying to pull my images off first, as the insanely slow speed of doing anything on the site renders it nearly impossible. May the brain dead idiot calling the shots there one day find him/her self in the gutter eating discarded chewing gum. Because they sure as hell won’t be in any danger of heading a successful company.

    1. The Metal Pigeon
      June 30, 2017

      Agreed. I would’ve said fair enough had they simply warned users far ahead of time, but from what I can see, not a single person got any kind of heads up.


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