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Hello there! Welcome to the home of The Metal Pigeon. On this blog you’ll find reviews, commentaries, and opinions on topics that are related to different kinds of metal. I say most likely because while other interests may crop up from time to time, I generally listen to and think about metal at least once a day, and that’s more than I do most other things. I do not say, however, that this blog will cover all things metal – mainly because metal as a genre of music is so diverse, featuring so many, many bands, that there is quite simply a good bit of it that I don’t particularly enjoy. I love thrash metal, but don’t particularly care for Slayer, sue me.


I’ve found most metal fans are similar: one will love old school death metal and loathe power metal; another lives for the soaring choruses of Helloween inspired power metal and cannot for the life of them understand why anyone would like growling vocals. It’s all fine, and its all acceptable, because no matter what the internet naysayers and blabbermouth.net cynics say, all of it is metal. We’re fans of a remarkably diverse style of music, with more offshoots, categories, and sounds than any other style of music, and we should celebrate that and be proud of it, not argue over it. The internet seems to have made everyone a little more jaded, but it doesn’t have to be that way in our community. I hope that this blog will be a place for insightful, levelheaded, and unique perspectives, not only from me but from readers as well, comments are strongly encouraged even if they disagree with my views (actually, especially if they disagree with my views).

– The Metal Pigeon


  1. Robert Brooks
    February 26, 2013

    I think you need to start an open fourm where we as metal fans can discuss what’s up and what’s new along with you. All i see at this point are singular topics. Albeit it’s you blog, your choice.

    1. The Metal Pigeon
      February 27, 2013

      Thats pretty much what the comment sections are for, and I’m as hands off as possible there. Dissenting opinions are great if they foster good discussion. But yeah the blog is basically just a place for me to mouth off on my soapbox…. I started it so my voice wouldn’t feel lost in the midst of a typical forum/message board.


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