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Hello fellow metal fans! I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible but thought it a good idea to write a little something about myself. It certainly feels like I’ve been a life-long metal fan but I suppose in reality it all started somewhere around the 6th grade (elementary school if we’re counting Gn’R and Megadeth on cassette(!)). A lot of time has passed since then and it tallies up to close to nearly two decades of loud guitars and ear splitting vocals, many countless albums bought, and an exhausting amount of sweaty live shows attended. I’m not mentioning all this to suggest an air of superiority, but at least you can be assured that I have some breadth of experience in listening to our beloved genre (and have done my best to bone up on metal history). If you want a more detailed biography that I’ve penned recently, I’ll refer you here.

I love many different styles and subgenres of metal —- everything from power metal to death metal to grim Norwegian black metal and beyond. The blog has been around for a few years now, and most people think of me as “a power metal guy”, that’s fair, though not entirely accurate. I won’t bore anyone with a list of my favorite bands (Iron Maiden is the best though), as I’m sure that the bands and albums I love the most will become apparent through my writing. See I have a small theory about metal —- that it’s best analogy is ice cream: there are many different flavors, but its all fairly delicious. Thanks for hearing me out, hope you enjoy the blog.

– The Metal Pigeon




  1. Stevelofgren57@gmail.com
    July 9, 2024

    Hey man, I just wanted to say hi and that I’ll be commenting on your articles soon..I’ll explain later ,but I just wanted to give you props for your knowledge and interests in certain musician’s catalogs that have are always labeled and one sided..it’s good that you do your homework!

    1. TheMetalPigeon
      July 11, 2024

      Thanks for reading! Definitely appreciate it and look forward to the comments!


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