Recurring Features


So some of you might have noticed that I’ve launched some features over the past few years that are episodic in some way —- the most notable of these being the year end Best Of features and The Metal Pigeon Recommends. There are a few others that have had stunted, abbreviated launches, such as The Pigeon Post, where I attempted to make heads or tails of the promos from unknown bands that get emailed to me. I’ve been lax in issuing out new editions of the latter two, and in addition I have a few more ideas for new recurring features that I’d like to get off the ground, simply because they’d be fun to do. So I’ve added this section to the blog to collect direct links to all of the previous and current recurring features that I have running. I know there are tags for these things but knowing me I’ve probably forgotten to adequately tag most of them. As a result most readers probably don’t even realize that they are part of a series, let alone have gone back to read older editions. Consider this a way for me to kick myself into gear in keeping these features fresh and current, as well as a convenient place for those curious to get caught up.

The Metal Pigeon Best Of (My traditional year end lists compiling the best albums of that year and since 2012, the best songs of the year as well)

The Metal Pigeon Recommends (My favorite feature to write actually, one that cuts to the heart of why I started this blog in the first place —- to recommend the music that I love)

The Pigeon Post (I get a lot of promos via PR agencies or smaller metal labels for artists/bands that are entirely unknown to me, and I collect the most intriguing of them and review them here for better or worse)

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